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A leading company providing

Rx, Sales Data & Technology Solutions

in more than 60 countries

for 50+ years

Serving more than

950 Pharma and Healthcare Companies

A team of 1,000+ people and

25k+ data provider

partners of our solutions


Key Value proposition

Seamless integration
with any desired data source: customer master data, prescription, sales and healthcare data + internal company data
Standard+ CRM functionalities

Advanced Sample Planning, Management and Accountability module integrated, complying with PDMA and CFR21-11


Complete Closed-Loop-Marketing module, including approved materials and e-mails

Exclusive remote call and remote sample module

The highest HCP adoption rate worldwide (+85%)
Book calls with HCPs via email, sms or whatsapp

  • Customer access the call in just 1 click and no installation

  • Sample validation and HCP signature


Integrated Business Analytics capabilities

Predictive Analytics through Machine Learning models help field representatives and managers to be more effective

  • Sales and Prescriptions based insights

  • Best next actions with each customer

  • Insights on customers to be visited and preferred channels

The most cost-effective CRM solution for Pharma

SaaS solution, complete 1st and 2nd level support, including business admin processes

4 annual version upgrades and change management included


The only solution with offline mobile version for any OS: iOS, Android, Windows

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